Music-related games are always exciting and UniPad is not an exception UniPad is a game that is in Music and is provided by the website APKMetrics. With this game, you will be delighted to play with your favorite instruments. It will help you train your skills and get the most exciting rest moments.
The UniPad is a new form of rhythm game based on the Launchpad that plays the song by pressing the button.

Pc and expensive equipment? With one Android smartphone, everything's ready. Be a better performer using special features optimized for performance.

Key features
- Enjoy a wide range of content with over 40 base songs.
- Create your own project files.
- Features that play automatically and help you practice are built.
- You can make your own unique unipad by coating it with skin.
- The launchpad and midi equipment can be connected with app.

※ Access authority information
- [Requirement] Storage: Used to store project files containing sound sources and various information
UniPad with vibrant music background succeeded in conquering many people. With this game, you can practice playing musical instruments and experience music. This will be of great significance in preparing for real-life music playing. Surely you will get the most exciting moments with this UniPad. If you have any questions, don't forget to contact us!