Reading comics has never been so easy with Stickman Fight Battle. Through this application, you can read stories with vivid illustrations and the most realistic colors. The comic book treasure of Stickman Fight Battle is constantly updated. It is also the criteria that Comics always aims to meet the needs of users. Here is some basic information about the application for you to consult.
🥊 Are you ready for another multiplayer stick war battle? Do you need to have exciting times playing stickman warriors games & become the supreme stickman fighter ?
Well, then you are sure to adore "Supreme Stickman Fight Battle " - our free2play 2D multiplayer stick war platformer game!

Collect the varieties of weapons to make you stronger and stand out from the rest and become the best stickman legends. Fighting against other stickmans to become legend and get awesome rewards.

Supreme Stickman Fight Battle is one of the addictive physics games that you can play with friends with 2 Player mode or you can play alone.
It looks simple but careful it’s easy to die if you not focus and be skilled. Wait for the enemy to approach you, tap on screen and boom. It takes just one punch stickman legends !

You have a wide variety of weapons to choose from in your arsenal and they are ready for action. Punch them senseless to unlock more and upgrade. Customize your stickman legends to your style with tons of skins, hats, bracelets and weapons. Be the samurai, ninja, knight or martial arts master... or whatever cool stick dude you destined to be!

💢 Supreme Stickman Fight Battle free 100%
💢 Simple pad control stick war
💢 Available a lot of level to discover
💢 More skin to update
💢 Heroic, full of destruction all-action blockbuster soaked up all the best in stickman warriors games
💢 3 mode available for player: 1 player, 2 player and survival mode
💢 2D physic stickman fight game style with interesting graphics!
💢 Addictive physics games

📣 You will have to fight with the enemies trying to destroy you. Counter a strike! Once you skip a beat, you are dead. Stickman warriors can carry an attack by different body parts and use various types of weapons. Join the battle and fight!

«The best supreme stick war for Android among other stickman games!»
With the app Stickman Fight Battle you will have access to comic book stores from home to abroad. Especially the illustrations for these stories are carefully selected so it will be interesting. You can read to relax or combine storytelling for your baby. To access the most interesting picture stories download Stickman Fight Battle from the website APKMetrics!