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🚶 Are you obsessed with ''slow motion'' effects and you want to have the first-rate ''animation maker''? Then you are lucky because we have the most incredible 🎬Slow Motion Video FX App🎬 that slows down and speeds up video - the great features in our app allow you to select your slow-motion speed like 1/2x, 1/3x up to 1/10x with same video quality! Shoot a video/a movie, select the best moment and add all kinds of ''special effects''! Reveal your hidden creativity! Managing this app is so easy; just select your ready-made videos from the gallery, or shoot them live, and make some of the coolest ''video animation'' ever! This astonishing app offers you only the best ''video effects''! 🎬Slow Motion Video FX App🎬 has some revolutionary features for you to impress your friends! Add some trendsetting effects so as to produce amazing videos and share them with your friends on social media!

🎬Slow Motion Video FX App🎬 is the cutting edge ''video editor'' with the dynamic interface which enables you to edit videos, add slow motion, edit background and much more! This a marvelous ''video fx'' and ''slow-motion camera'' which will become your favorite app! Add exciting ''fx animation'' on your videos with our ultimate ''video editor app''! Download this superb application right now and create your own extraordinary and impressive videos!

😃 Select any of the one videos that you can edit with this ''slow motion app'';
😃 Set video portion that you want to slow down ;
😃 Set time interval for your ''fx video editor app'' process;
😃 Video cut, ''slow moving'' and ''fx app'' - trim videos with selected time interval and generate ''slow mo'' clips;
😃 It supports many video formats;
😃 Create the perfect ''slow motion gif'';
😃 Editing does not affect resolution of a video - edited video has same quality as the original video;
😃 Share your generated video clips!

🎬Slow Motion Video FX App🎬 also lets you choose the speed of the output movie! For example, you can make your speech slow, or you can record some objects falling down and make the moment of falling look slower than it is- it will look hilarious! 
Smooth and perfect slow motion app is an amazing application to play and save your videos in all formats. Video resume option and video animation are very favorable for the user.
With slow-motion camera effects and fx animation that slow down special scenes in a video, you will make yourself a stunning video that is incredibly simple! With our video fx, you are free to create your own unique and personal slow moving videos! Our awesome fx video editor app is a mobile application that helps you edit and share your videos with your friends on all social networks!

🚶 Make your video as a slow motion gif, even if you didn’t record a slow-mo video. Video effects let you change video speed to produce slow-mo video clips like a pro! Share video directly on all social networks! Add videos from your timeline and start editing instantly! Experience the full potential of this fx app! Create bigger and better videos with 🎬Slow Motion Video FX App🎬. With easy to use, high-end performance, special effects and advanced editing options, this animation maker the number one choice for all video editing fans.  Download this video editor now, and see it yourself!
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