InSimu Patient is an app for medical diagnostic education, including USMLE prep.

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Version1.8.0 (18002)
Size23 MB
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It might sound as a medical game but it’s much more serious in reality!

Ask for a virtual patient who may have any of thousands of diseases. Any information from the patient may be crucial to find the correct diagnosis. Just like in the USMLE, check the presenting symptoms and the medical history carefully when considering your options.

You will then have to select the most helpful diagnostic test from the hundreds available. It may sound easy, but consider the time and cost of the requested diagnostic tests. Be careful, the clock is ticking. You have to diagnose quickly to improve the prognosis of your patient. Your patient may have an acute condition that needs a fast diagnosis, but you shouldn’t waste money on tests that can be substituted with some wit.

You can follow an infinite amount of pathways to find the correct diagnosis. Receive the evaluation of your performance based on the accuracy of your diagnosis, the cost and time you spent for the investigation, and any missed tests obligatorily needed in that situation.

Help us reinvent the medical education with this medical app.

Collect experience points, badges, and level up and prepare for your exams! Playing with InSimu Patient is also a great and fun way to prepare for the USMLE Step 1 and Step 2.

- All diagnostic tests available
- Open choice diagnostic pathways
- Measurement of time and costs
- Complete ICD-10 list of diagnoses
- Exciting challenges
- Measurement of individual development
- Various Medical Specializations

What's New

Thanks for using InSimu Patient. This version brings small bugfixes. Happy diagnosing!

Latest Version

Version: 1.8.0 (18002)

Updated: 2019-06-24

APK:  com.insimu.patientapp.apk

APK 2019-06-26 1.8.0 (18002) / 23 MB
APK 2019-06-01 1.7.6 (17602) / 22 MB
APK 2019-04-17 1.7.5 (17502) / 22 MB