Flower Assistant is the application that controls the phone interface and smart devices in your house. With this application, you will only need a smartphone with an internet connection to be able to control the device in the family. So the worry of forgetting to turn off lights, air conditioners, fans .. when leaving the house is no longer a big problem. That is also the purpose and the criteria that the applications in the group House & Home towards.
Using this handy app you will always water your flowers in time!
From the integrated offline catalogue you will learn how to tend a large variety of plants and flowers from all over the world. The catalogue is constantly being enlarged and improved.
The app is very simple in use because it has user-friendly interface, so you have no need to study a lot of manuals.
The Flower Assistant will allow you to:
1) learn how to tend your plants properly;
2) create your own list of plants (the number of plants is not limited);
3) set an individual watering and nutrition plan for each of your plants;
4) receive notifications of watering and nutrition date at convenient time.
With the app Flower Assistant you will feel this world a lot simpler. A lot of operations can be controlled by modern technology. It makes our lives more enjoyable, saving us a lot of time to do our favorite things. If your home uses smart devices, don't forget to visit APKMetrics to download this useful application!